Time to transition to YOUR CAREER and prep for your PRO Beauty licensing Exams! Browse MENU on the left here for ONE STOP SHOPPING for packaged Beauty Industry STATE BOARD Practical Exam KITS and accessories, textbooks, test training materials for beauty college State Board Licensing Exams and SAFETY / Disinfection Supplies for your Beauty and Barber school or salon! Customized to your State board Requirements
Barber 5.5" BALSAM steel Hair Cutting Shears
15th September, 2020: Preparation for Successful State Board Beauty Industry Practical Exams:
16 oz. Plastic Spray bottle
1875 W Electric Blow Dryer_with concentrator attachments
28"ECONOMY Nylon Duffle Bag with carry straps
3 Green Stripe Cotton Barber towels
8 oz. pump sprayer, plastic bottle
AC-5 Adjustable Height Clamp mannequin stand
Aiden Male Mnnequin Head, no beard, 100% human hair
Alabama State Board Cosmetology kit
Alabama, 6 Task Bags, AL35537
Alabama, 7 task bags AL70917
Alabama, 7 Task Bags, AL44831
Alabama, Expanded 11 Task Bags, AL54536
Alaska State Board Cosmetology Kit
Alaska, 6 Task Bags, AK54313
Alaska, 9 Task Bags, AK74591
Andis Easy Style Adjustable Blade Electric Clipper, 8 piece set (includes barber comb, blade guard, clipper oil and cleaning brush, two plastic attachment combs, and stainless clipper blade)
Andis Electric Pressing Comb_out of stock
Angel Deluxe Mannequin (Extremely Tan Face) Head, 14-17" Level 2, 100% Human Hair
Antiseptic Hand sanitizing Wipes_box of 100 wipes
Antiseptic Hand sanitizing Wipes_package of 20 wipes
Arizona, 10 Task Bags, AZ54514
Arizona, 5 Task Bags, AZ70506
Arizona, 6 Task Bags, AZ35519
Arizona, 7 Task Bags, AZ44347
Arkansas, 4 Task Bags, AR44539
Arkansas, 6 Task Bags, AR35675
Arkansas, SENIOR KIT Task Bags, AR71506
Arkansas, Senior Testing kit, AR54477
BaBYLiss PRO Nano Titanium 1" Marcel Curling Iron
BaBYLiss PRO Nano Titanium Electric Hair Dryer with concentrator attachment
BaBYLiss PRO Porcelain Ceramic 1" Straighteng Iron
Barber Cover up Shirt, Short sleeve Black Nylon
BARBER STATE BOARD Practical Exam Kits
Basic Facial Make Up Pack (foundation, concealer, highlighter powder, blush,, eye shadow, eye pencil, lip pencil, mascara, lip stick)
Black Duffle Bag, 24" length
Box of 100 vinyl non-powdered gloves LARGE SIZE
Box of 100 vinyl non-powdered gloves MEDIUM SIZE
California Expanded, 10 Task Bags, CA54508
California, 6 Task Bags, CA10061
California, 6 Task Bags, CA35651
California, 7 Task Bags, CA44503
Canvas Logo Tote Bag with navy blue sturdy strap handle and base color
Classes and Training_sorry no LIVE classes until further notice due to COVID-19
Clear Plastic (Polyethylene) Disposable Client Cape_pack of 10 capes
CLiC (Creative Learning in Cosmetology) Practical Exam Study guide-temporarily out of stock
Click here for Dates Class Room _sorry due to COVID19_no Live classes allowed until further notice.
Colorado, 13 task bags, CO44449
Colorado, 18 Task Bags, CO10073
Colorado, 6 Task Bags, CO35682
Colorado, 8 Task Bags, CO54324
Colorado, 9 Task Bags, CO64577
Comb and gloves pack with sanitized implement label (one tint brush, one rat tail comb, two straight combs, two pairs vinyl gloves)
Cosmebeautica LOGO Ink Pen
Cosmebeautica Note Pad
Cosmebeautica Womans LOGO Crewneck T Shirt
Cosmetology School BASIC starter kit with one mannequin head_CB24324_DELUXE OPTIONS AVAILABLE_Contact Us
Cotton Rope (reinforced) in zip lock baggie with sanitized implement label, 36" length
Courtney Mannequin head, 12-14" Level 4 100% Human Hair-_OUT of stock_more due September 05
Custom STATE BOARD Practical Exam Study Guide for YOUR STATE Product Code 191XX, Contact US to Learn More_Photo example is for Wisconsin Cosmetology
Delaware, 3 Task Bags, DE44145
Delaware, 7 Task Bags, DE35554 with Disinfectant WIPES
Delaware, 7 Task Bags, DE70517
Delaware, 8 Task Bags, DE54495
Diane #D13 Large Butterfly Clips
Diane #D14 Small Butterfly Clamps
Diane #D210C 12 pack Duck Bill Clips
Diane #D2719 Beige Magnetic Rollers
Diane #D9618 9 row Vent Brush
Diane 28tooth Thinner Shears
Diane D329 Esthetician Mannequin with Shoulders
Diane Hair cutting razor with 3 Guards and 5 replacement blades
Diane Long GREY Cold Wave Perm Rods
Diane Long White Cold Wave Perm Rods
Diane Pink Foam Rollers
Diane Rose 5.5 inch Hair cutting shears
Diane Short Orchid Cold Wave Perm Rods
District of Columbia 6 task Bags, DC54501
District of Columbia, 11 task bags, DC74596
Earloop Mask_package of 4 masks
Earloop Mask_Pleated three layer_box of 50 count
Extra Large White Cotton Bath Towel 54" x 28"
Face Shield_package of Two
Face Shields_package of six
Facial Shaving Straight Razor plus 100 blades
First Aid and Blood Exposure kit_Two Spill disposal bags, first aid kit, two pair vinyl gloves.
Flat-back Esthetician and Make up Mannequin
Gavin (Male Mannequin) with Beard
Georgia MASTER Barber, 8 Task Bags, GA44878
Georgia, Hair Design, 4 Task Bags, GA64324
Georgia, 10 Task Bags, GA54458
Georgia, 6 Task Bags, GA35542 includes the Mannequin hand!
Georgia, 6 Task Bags, GA74576 INCLUDES MANNEQUIN HAND
GiGI Electric Wax Heater pot
Giselle Mannequin Head, 14-16" human hair
Graduation Package PRO Tools Combo_Electric Blow dryer and marcel curling iron
Graduation Package PRO Tools Combo_Electric Blow dryer and spring clamp iron
Hair color tint bowl with handle and flat bottom
Hair cutting tools zipper case with black outer cover
Hair Styling 9 row Paddle Brush with nylon ball tipped bristles
Hilary 4 QUAD school mannequin
Hot Tools 3/4" Barrel Spring Clamp Curling Iron
Hot Tools Marcel Curling Iron by 3/4" barrel
How to Avoid Facial Skin Acne or Break outs when wearing Personal Protective Masks in the Salon or Spa all day)
How to measure Hair Length on a Cosmetology Mannequin Head
Idaho, 6 Task Bags, ID44136
Idaho, 6 Task Bags, ID74309
Idaho, 7 Task Bags, ID35368
Idaho, 9 Task Bags, ID54593
Illinois Barber (8 task bags), IL45593
Illinois, 7 Task Bags, IL35391
Indiana, 7 Task Bags, IN35280
Individual Personal Protective Equipment Pack (one Earloop tri-layer disposable mask, two pairs powder free vinyl gloves, one pair safety glasses)
INDUSTRY UPDATES 2020, Resources, Links and Partners
INFA Lab Liquid Styptic Skin Protector (15mL vial)
INFA Lab Powder Styptic (Three Vials)
Kansas, 13 Task Bags, KS10043
Kansas, 6 Task Bags, KS35539
Kansas, 9 Task Bags, KS54517
Kentucky, 6 Task Bags, KY70404
Kentucky, 7 Task Bags, KY35759
Kentucky, 7 Task Bags, KY54217
Louisiana, 6 Task Bags, LA35322
Louisiana, 9 Task Bags, LA54233
Louisiana, 9 Task Bags, LA76517
Maine, 7 Task Bags, ME35583
Maine, 7 Task Bags, ME74632
Maine, 9 Task Bags, ME54465
Mannequin Fingers,package of three_Blowout sale!!
Mannequin Hand, Left hand with base stand,
Mannequin table clamp stand
Maryland ,10 task bags, #MD10186
Maryland, 4 Task Bags, MD44401
Maryland, 7 Task Bags, MD35782
Maryland, 7 Task Bags, MD54590
Massachusetts, 10 Task Bags, MA58534
Massachusetts, 16 Task Bags, MA64501
Massachusetts, 5 Task Bags, MA44001
Massachusetts_100 hour BASIC kit, 5 Task Bags, MA10745
Michigan, 10 Task Bags, MI44849
Michigan, 11 Task Bags, MI74362
Michigan, 7 Task Bags, MI35539
Michigan, 7 Task Bags, MI54264
Milady ADV Estheics Step-by-Step Spiral Bound, ISBN-13: 978-1133013495
Milady ADV Esthetics EXAM REVIEW 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 978-1111139124
Milady Advanced Esthetics Hardcover 2nd ed_ISBN-13: 978-1111139094
Milady Barber TEXTBOOK, Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-1305100558
Milady Beauty and Wellness Dictionary, 2014, Paperback, ISBN-10: 9781285060798
Milady Cosmetology Exam Review 2016 ISBN: 9781285769554
Milady Cosmetology Textbook 13th ed Hardcover, ISBN-13: 978-1285769417
Milady Esthetics Fundamentals, 11th Ed., Hardcover, ISBN-13: 978-1111306892
Milady Esthetics Fundamentals, EXAM Review, Softcover, 11th. ed., ISBN-13: 978-1111306922
Milady Esthetics MINDTAP_ecourse, 12th Edition ISBN-13: 978-1337095020
Milady Nail Technology Exam Review_7th ed.softcover ISBN-13: 978-1285080543
Milady Nail Technology TEXTBOOK paprback, ISBN-13: 978-1285080475
Milady Natural Hair Care and Hairbraiding_ISBN-13: 978-1133693680
Milady Standard Barbering Exam Review_Softcover, ISBN-13: 978-1305100671
Milady Standard Makeup, ISBN-13: 978-1111539597
Mini dust Pan and Broom Set, perfect size to use at exam
Minnesota, 10 Task Bags, MN73584
Minnesota, 9 Task Bags, MN54219
Mississippi, 12 Task Bags, MS74583
Mississippi, 7 Task Bags, MS35572
Missouri Class CH Hairdresser Kit, 3 task bags
Missouri, 7 Task Bags, MO35522
Missouri, 7 Task Bags, MO44899
Missouri, 9 Task Bags, MO54517
Missouri,Class CA 4 Task Bags, MO75526
Montana BARBER NO CHEMICAL 4 task bags per kit, MT44015
Montana BARBER STYLIST, 5 Task Bags, MT44117
Montana, 4 Task Bags, MT54355
Montana, 6 Task Bags, MT74668
Montana, 7 Task Bags, MT35344
Naomi Textured 100%Human hair Mannequin
Nevada, NV54529
New Hampshire, 11 Task Bags, NH54388
New Hampshire, 6 Task Bags, NH35579
New Hampshire, 6 Task Bags, NH44575
New Hampshire, NH77517 13 Task Bags
New Jersey Nail Tech And Hair Removal, 9 Task Bags, NJ35734
New Jersey NJ54597, 9 task bags
New Jersey, 8 Task Bags, NJ64529
New Jersey, 8 Task Bags, NJ71834
New Mexico, 11 Task Bags, NM54556
New Mexico, 6 Task Bags, NM78517
New Mexico, 7 Task Bags, NM35564
New Mexico, 7 Task Bags, NM44249
New York Natural Hair Styling, Code #NY85573 (5 Task Bags)
New York, 11 task bags, NY74503
New York, 5 Task Bags, NY44346
New York, 6 Task Bags, NY35398
New York, 7 Task Bags, NY54629
North Carolina, Hair Design, 3 Task Bags, NC64505
North Carolina, 3 Task Bags, NC54588
North Carolina, 5 Task Bags, NC35546 with Disinfectant WIPES
North Carolina, 6 task bags, NC44834
North Carolina, NC74501, 5 task bags
North Dakota, 7 Task Bags, ND35388
North Dakota, 8 Task Bags, ND74825
North Dakota, 9 Task Bags, ND54406
Ohio Natural Hair Styling (5 task bags)
Ohio, 10 Task Bags, OH74502
Ohio, 6 Task Bags, OH35566
Ohio, 6 Task Bags, OH44555
Ohio, 8 Task Bags, OH54637
Oklahoma OK54576 9 task bags
Oklahoma, 10 Task Bags, OK74551
Oklahoma, 6 Task Bags, OK35738
Pennsylvania, 7 Task Bags, PA44849
Perm Wave End Papers with Sanitized implement label, 2 packs_25 papers per pack
Plastic Butterfly Jaw Clips with Sanitized implement label, 3" size, 6 pieces
Rhode Island RI54598, 9 Task Bags
Rhode Island, 12 Task Bags, RI73557
Rhode Island, 6 Task Bags, RI35024
Safety Glasses_1 Pair
Set of Twin Sheets, White cotton blend, for Esthetician exam (table not included)
Smock Cover Up Garment, snap closure, patch pockets, one size fits most
South Carolina, 10 Task Bags, SC70522
South Carolina, 12 Task Bags, SC54885
South Carolina, 6 Task Bags, SC44975
South Carolina, 7 Task Bags, SC35030
South Dakota, 6 Task Bags, SD35526
South Dakota, 6 Task Bags, SD44941
South Dakota, 7 Task Bags, SD78645
South Dakota, 9 Task Bags, SD54619
Spa Wrap,white poly blend, Elastic Velco Closure
State Board Mannequin Head, Human Hair,12-14" length_sorry temporarily out of stock
State Board MINI Pack: Disposable Sanek Neck Strips in 4" x 6" zip lock bag, two packs with 5 neck strips each
State Board Simulated Chemical and Hair Color Pack_three x 4 oz jars filled with colored (gel or cholesterol) product, one (1 oz) jar simulated protective cream (conditioner cream)(filled jars), one (4 oz). bottle labeled for simulated perm wave solution(water) _shipped empty
Table clamp for Mannquin with two extender pieces
TAZZA BZK (Benzalkonium) Hand sanitizing Antiseptic wipes _160 count pack
Teardrop Mirror_Black
Tenessee Master Barber TN44396, 9 task bags
Tennessee, 11 task bags, TN74379
Tennessee, 7 Task Bags, TN54400
Tennessee, 8 Task Bags, TN35038
Texas CLASS A Barber, 10 Task Bags, TX44527
Texas, 13 Task Bags, TX75505
Texas, 5 Task Bags, TX35508
Texas, 8Task Bags, TX54525
Thermal Round 2" Hair Styling Brush
Total Immersion Plastic disinfection Tray
Travelers Club 30" Rolling Dufflebag
Tripod (floor stand) for mannequin
Utah MASTER Esthetician kit (ADVANCED) UT64503, 10 task bags
Utah, 13 Task Bags, UT79517
Utah, 6 Task Bags, UT44044
Utah, 7 Task Bags, UT35355
Utah, 8 Task Bags, UT54424
Vermont, 11 Task Bags, VT54632
Vermont, 11 Task Bags, VT72517
Vermont, 7 Task Bags, VT35058
Virginia Master Esthetician (ADVANCED) 54266M
Virginia WAX TECHNICIAN Kit VA94266, 9 task bags
Virginia, 10 Task Bags, VA54266, PSI TESTING
Virginia, 5 Task Bags, VA10232 PSI TESTING 2020
Virginia, 7 Task Bags, VA35518
Virginia, NO Chemical 4 Task Bags, VA44565
Washington MASTER (Advanced) Esthetician Practical Exam kit
Washington, 4 Task Bags, WA44909
Washington, 5 Task Bags, WA74508
Washington, 6 Task Bags, WA35351 with Disinfectant WIPES
Washington, Expanded 10 Task Bags, WA54681
Washington, Product Code #WA84522, Hair Styling, 3 Task bags
West Virginia WV54595, 9 task bags
West Virginia, 5 Task Bags, WV70557
West Virginia, 6 Task Bags, WV35216
West Virginia, Product Code #WV84564 Hair Styling,
White Cotton Salon Towels, 6 pack, 26" x 16"
Wisconsin, 3 Task Bags, WI54254
Wisconsin, 4 Task Bags, WI35916
Wisconsin, 5 task bags, WI44639
Wisconsin, WI74324 , 6 task bags
Wyoming, 12 Task Bags, WY78625
Wyoming, 5 Task Bags, WY44741
Wyoming, 7 Task Bags, WY35545
Wyoming, 9 Task Bags, WY54622
Xtra Large DELUXE Duffle bag, 30" length (Total Dimensions 30" x 13" x 12.) 600 Denier Polyester
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