Time to transition to YOUR CAREER and prep for your PRO Beauty licensing Exams! Browse MENU on the left here for ONE STOP SHOPPING for packaged Beauty Industry STATE BOARD Practical Exam KITS and accessories, textbooks, test training materials for beauty college State Board Licensing Exams and SAFETY / Disinfection Supplies for your Beauty and Barber school or salon! Customized to your State board Requirements


Level 2 Disposable Medical Gown_Disposable Isolation Gown, FDA Registered, CE certified Level 2 PP & PE 40g, Fully Closed Double Tie Back, Knitted Cuffs, Fluid Resistant, Unisex
KN 95 Protective Facial Masks_100 count package
Safety Glasses_1 Pair High  impact Scratch resistant lenses, polycarbonate high flex frame
Davelen White Disposable Salon towels (50 pieces per pack) 31.5" x 15.7"
Regular price: $14.99
Sale price: $9.99
Face Shield_package of Two_ anti-Fog with comfort pad on forehead
Face Shields_package of six
Earloop Mask_package of 4 masks
Earloop Mask_Pleated three layer_box of 50 count
PST158 (Professional Service Towels) Paper towels, 24.5 x 12 inch, pack of 50
Clear Plastic (Polyethylene) Disposable Client Cape_pack of 10 capes
Box of 100 vinyl non-powdered gloves LARGE SIZE
Box of 100 vinyl non-powdered gloves MEDIUM SIZE
16 oz. Plastic Spray bottle
8 oz. pump sprayer, plastic bottle
TAZZA BZK (Benzalkonium) Hand sanitizing Antiseptic wipes _160 count pack
Antiseptic Hand sanitizing Wipes_package of 20 wipes
Antiseptic Hand sanitizing Wipes_box of 100  wipes
PARTEX White Cotton  Economy Salon Towels, 12 pack, 26" x 16"
Mini dust Pan and Broom Set, perfect size to use at exam
INFA Lab Liquid Styptic Skin Protector (15mL vial)
INFA Lab Powder Styptic (Three Vials)
Individual Personal Protective Equipment Pack (one Earloop tri-layer disposable mask, two pairs powder free vinyl gloves, one pair safety glasses)
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