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-Site updated June 01, 2020

Due to the 2020 pandemic, beauty schools and businesses in the beauty industry have changed certain safety procedures. The beauty industry ALWAYS has utilized excellent cleanliness and safety practices, but now going forward added usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and face shields and increased disinfection practices has become mandatory in our industry! Check out our NEW Menu Section on PPE, safety and disinfection supplies!!

-Also Browse the MENU for ONE STOP SHOPPING for packaged STATE BOARD Practical Exam KITS and accessories, refresher classes, textbooks, test training materials for beauty college State Board Licensing Exams.

COSMEBEAUTICA has been serving and supplying the tools you need for American beauty schools and industry state board exams since 2007 and more than 10,000 candidates have successfully PASSED using our kit packages!

-Supply chain disruption has been a major side effect of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and price of many items in the kits have increased! We have been doing our best to offer reasonable pricing for our services here which includes a carefully researched and custom packed supply kit of tools and items according to latest regulations of each state board examiners.

- Our kits and supplies available for purchase help YOU Reduce STRESS, Save your VALUABLE Time and INCREASE YOUR Professional APPEARANCE and CONFIDENCE!!

-Did you just graduate from Beauty Industry Career College and now getting ready for State Board Licensing Exam???? -Did you finish beauty school but never went for your state board exam?? -Do you have your license but just moved to a new state and need re-take practical exam? -Looking to re-instate your license or transition to a new Beauty Industry career?? -Are you a school owner or instructor looking to maximize efficiency in your school operations?? Do you need practical supply kits or Educational Study guides and training aids to help your students prepare for State Board Exams?

-If your state description is not listed when you click on your link, please contact us and we will send it!!! -Photos on our site are intended to representation of the products. Actual kit configurations may be different than what is shown in photos.

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