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-WEBSITE updated November 27. 2021

-Products we offer are intended to help Beauty School students transition from student to their PRO CAREERS and prep for STATE BOARD licensing PRACTICAL Exams! We also offer PRO quality styling tools tools for Salons, Barbershops and Spas! We are adding NEW sundries and product items weekly!!

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-Browse MENU on the left here for ONE STOP SHOPPING for packaged Beauty Industry STATE BOARD Practical Exam KITS and accessories, textbooks, test training materials for beauty college State Board Licensing Exams and SAFETY / Disinfection Supplies for your Beauty and Barber school or salon!

COSMEBEAUTICA has been serving and supplying the tools you need for American beauty schools and industry state board practical exams since 2007 and more than 15,000 candidates have successfully PASSED the state board practical exams using our kit packages!

- Our kits and supplies available for purchase help YOU Reduce STRESS, Save your VALUABLE Time and INCREASE YOUR Professional APPEARANCE and CONFIDENCE!!

-Did you just graduate from Beauty Industry Career College and now getting ready for State Board Licensing Exam????

-Did you finish beauty school but never went for your state board exam?? -Do you have your license but just moved to a new state and need re-take practical exam?

-Looking to re-instate your license or transition to a new Beauty Industry career??

-Are you a school owner or instructor looking to maximize efficiency in your school operations??

Do you need practical supply kits or Educational Study guides and training aids to help your students prepare for State Board Exams? Call us about Wholesale pricing!

-Need a jump start to prep for the Practical EXAM? Try out our ONLINE PRACTICAL EXAM WEBINAR STYLE CLASSES for STATE Board. Go to the Classes and training tab and register today! Customized by state location and discipline (Cosmetology, Barber, Esthetics, Manicure, Waxing).

-If your state description is not listed when you click on your link, please contact us and we will send it!!! -Photos on our site are intended to representation of the products. Actual kit configurations may be different than what is shown in photos.

To get more information: Call 508-254-0797.


CUSTOMER REVIEWS: CHECK OUT these recent Customer Reviews:

J. L., New York: ***** I am a beauty school educator and demonstrate the kit in my state board classes at my school. The Cosmebeautica kit promotes consistency and professionalism to my classroom. I recommend this company to my students and they love the convenience. "

D.J..,Wisconsin:***** The kit was right up to date with our current regulations! You guys are doing a great service!

C.A., South Carolina:***** "I just moved to S.C. from another state where I obtained my license over 20 years ago. The custom training practical exam guide handbook and state board kit has made my practical exam prep so much easier since I am not connected with a school here to help me put together the supplies."

L.W., Ohio::**** "My school recommended Cosmebeautica kits because they are updated to current regulations and lots of attention to details. The kit will definitely help me as I prepare for transition to my professional career."

F.S, California:**** "We just found out we don't have to take a special "state board"class to take our state board test like the kit companies in California are telling us!. With Cosmebeautica State board kit company, I can get the kit in advance of my exam day shipped right to my house and spend more time practicing!"

J.A., Massachusetts:***** "The kit saved me money and lots of time! And I am planning to use most of the left over supplies and tools in my new salon job I just got now that I have my license."

C.B: Texas:***** "I saw the posts on twitter (#Cosmebeautica) and ordered my kit. I am ready to transition to my career!

B.T., Kentucky:***** "I recommend this kit because I will have a head start on my tool bag after passing the test when I begin my first job in a salon"

H.N:, Alabama: ***** I have a very busy lifestyle with full time job, family responsibilities and going to cosmetology school! This service was perfect for my situation!

A.W., Maryland:***** "My instructor recommended state board kit from Cosmebeautica because they ship it the next day after I placed my order . The Cosmebeautica phone operator also helped advise on the Maryland exam. They really have done their homework!"

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