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KN 95 Protective Facial Masks_100 count package

KN 95 Protective Facial Masks_100 count package
Item# CB-KN95_100pack

Product Description

Item#CB_KN95 Personal Face Mask, case of 100 count, 3D design with soft to touch inner/outer layer and multi-layer construction allows for an easy and comfortable feel and fit around your face. Ideal for sustained usage. Four-layer construction provides for an optimal protection and filtration while creating unobstructed breathing.

Made of non-woven material. Designed to offer more protection than a standard disposable three-ply mask. Lightweight mask allows for folding and easier portability. Material(s): Non-Woven; Rating: KN95; Size Group: One Size Fits All; Resistance: Airborne Germs;

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