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Alabama Esthetician 9 Task Bags (PSI TESTING), AL54536

Alabama Esthetician 9 Task Bags (PSI TESTING), AL54536
Item# AL54536

Product Description

Alabama State Board Esthetician kit Product code 54536 updated January 2024 PSI TESTING

Work Area and Client Prep Set Up of Supplies Item #: 54536-1

BASIC Facial with Product Item #: 54536-2

Hair Removal of Eyebrows (Tweezing or Soft Wax) Item #: 54536-3

Facial Make-up Application Item #: 54536-4

FIRST AID KIT 54536-5 Particle Microdermabrasion on Forehead Item #: 54536-6

Eyelash Enhancement Application Item #: 54536-7

Hard Wax Upper Lip Authentic Hard Wax Item #: 54885-

note: Electric Wax heater not included

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