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15th September, 2020:  Preparation for Successful State Board Beauty Industry Practical Exams:
15th September, 2020: Preparation for Successful State Board Beauty Industry Practical Exams:  BRING the following to your exam center: o Your exam admissions letter o Two forms of identification (one must have both your photograph and signature) o State board Practical Exam kit with necessary implements, tools and products. o #2 pencils (mechanical pencils are not allowed)

 FOLLOW all testing center rules and requirements: o Make sure you know the location, date, and time you’re taking the exam. ou will not be allowed in the testing area if you arrive late. o No visitors/ friends/ family allowed o Read all testing instructions carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions to the proctor if you’re unsure about something. o Listen CAREFULLY to all verbal instructions. o Do not look over at your fellow candidates performing procedures or talk to anyone during exam unless instructed to do so. o Do as you were taught using the supplies you brought to the exam. o No food or drinks into the testing area. o No smoking at exam center. o No electronic devices, mobile phones, tablet computers, smart watches or timing devises allowed in the examination room. o Wearing the professional clothing and closed toe shoes, minimal jewelry. o Remove all materials, water, liquids and trash or soiled implements you brought into exam center. Do not plan to dispose of anything at the testing center. o If you drop an implement or product on floor, clean it up or dispose of it immediately,  PERFORM Skills demonstrated at the Practical Examination o Grading and Scoring: Each section of the practical exam is weighted differently for a total of 100 points. If you get a score of 70% or higher, then congratulations! You just passed the practical portion of the exam.

o Each state in the USA requires performance of CORE tasks for the cosmetology exams: • Demonstration of Personal and Client Safety, Client Draping, Sanitation / Disinfection procedures. Many states (but NOT all states) now require Disinfectant Wipes. Check your candidate bulletin. • Shampooing of Hair • Blow Drying of Hair and Thermal curling of Hair procedures using a Marcel iron • Basic layered haircuts using Hair cutting shears or razors. • Permanent Waving: Sectioning hair, rolling perm rods, applying simulated Waving lotions, demonstration of Test curls • Working with Chemical Hair Colors or Bleach: Simulation of predisposition and strand test • Application of Hair color or Blech using foil placements with Simulated Product • Demonstration of Application of Hair color or Hair Relaxer on Virgin Hair • Demonstrations of RETOUCH procedures for Hair color or Relaxer retouch using Simulated Product • Blood exposure procedure

o Below are various ADDITIONAL tasks you may have to demonstrate depending on your state requirements: • Hair Finger waving and Pin Curl Applications • Application of Magnetic Rollers to Hair • Hair Braiding • Basic facial • Make Up Application • Eyelash Placement services • Demonstration of Hair removal using Tweezers or Simulation of Hot Wax applications. • Manicuring, Nail Tip Applications and Sculptured Acrylic Nails

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EFFECTIVE 7/1/2020:

Candidates MUST use only DISINFECTING WIPES during the practical exams.

Spray disinfectants will not NOT be permitted.


NIC(the developer of the exam) realizes that supplies such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and antiseptic are limited or unavailable and that this may have an impact on testing. NIC has authorized all of our test centers to accept anything that is the "best attempt" or "simulated product" of these supplies. Any candidate that does not have proper hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and/or antiseptic, they will not be deducted points on a temporary basis.

If you are unable to get disinfecting wipes you can simulate this and you will not be deducted points. You can simulate disinfectant wipes by using wet paper towels in a plastic, ziplock-type bag. You will want to make sure to still print off the manufacturer's label and put it on the bag as though there are real disinfectant wipes inside, and you will use them just as though they are disinfectant wipes.

Please note, during these temporary grading procedures, spray disinfectants are still NOT permitted.

Hand sanitizer can also be simulated. You can bring a bottle labeled "hand sanitizer" and you can fill it with whatever simulated product you want (water, lotion, etc.) and then just use it or you can pretend to use it as though it is actual hand sanitizer.

Antiseptic may also be simulated.

These are temporary grading procedures. Please check our website prior to your exam to confirm these temporary grading procedures are still in effect. We will post an update 1-week prior to the expiration of these grading procedures.

All candidates are required to wear a face mask for their practical and written examinations. If you show up to your scheduled examination without a face mask you will NOT be permitted to test and you will be required to reschedule and repay.

For states that require models: Models will also be required to wear a mask. If your model is not wearing a mask they will not be permitted into the exam. Please refer to the Candidate Handbook/CIB for information regarding whether your state requires models.
How to measure Hair Length on a Cosmetology Mannequin Head
Hair length is typically measured from one of two ways: 1: start from front hairline of forehead and follow along top of head to crown and then down back of head to the longest ends or 2. from crown area of mannequin heard down back of head to the longest ends. Hair length is on Cosmebeautica mannequin heads is measured on mannequins from hairline of forehead to crown and then to ends. The crown is located on the top of the head, toward the back. By placing your measuring tape on the crown and dragging it down all the way to the tip of the hair in the back, you get the overall crown to ends measure. The second most popular way to measure hair is from the hairline (at the forehead), down to ends. There is about 3 inches length between the hairline and the crown, so it’s important to find out how the vendor measures the hair. The crown to ends method is widely used and accepted, so naturally it is also the most common. Now length alone is not enough to understand what you are getting, because hair is often layered. LAYERS Almost all mannequins have layered hair. A layered hairstyle simply means that shorter hair is blended in with longer hair. If you look at the following illustration, you see that hair from the top do not necessarily extend all the way to the bottom. If a mannequin is made with hair grafts of the same length all around the head, you end up with dramatic layers around the whole head. So typically the mannequin is made with longer hair at the top and shorter hair in the back and at the nape. This produces a more natural layering effect. If you find a mannequin that is described as “one length”, it means there are no layers. These hairstyles are also referred to as a “blunt cut”. Non-layered mannequins are not common.
How to Avoid Facial Skin Acne or Break outs when wearing Personal Protective Masks in the Salon or Spa all day)
For stylists who are wearing masks for a long period of time, it’s important that they keep their skin clean. Ideally, the skin should also be free of powder/foundation. The friction of the mask combined with oil and dirt on the skin can lead to irritation and break outs. Masks that are reusable should be washed daily and those that are disposable, tossed. Since it is inevitable that oil, makeup, and “dirt” from the day will accumulate on the mask (not to mention the condensation from breathing), this is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Stylists should also keep their skin well hydrated. Skin that is dehydrated, flakey, and already compromised is more likely to develop irritation and break outs than skin that has a healthy barrier. Stylists should apply their moisturizer to clean skin at least 30 minutes before applying their mask. For stylists with an oilier skin type, they should consider using a product that aids in oil absorption. Products with Zinc are a great option because they are healing and mattifying. Stylists should take a break every 2 hours to remove the mask and try not to touch their face. For breakouts or irritation that occur, do not pick! This spreads bacteria and makes the wound healing process longer. Avoid aggressive spot treatment products and treat with care. Think soothing, healing instead.
National Interstate Council Notes on INFECTION CONTROL Practices
Promote the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the professional workforce by actively pursuing excellence in cosmetology and related fields.

INFECTION CONTROL PRACTICES accepted by NIC: https://nictesting.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Infection-Control-Best-Practices-Doc-approved-by-delegates-on-8-5-17.pdf

The new guideline for States in the United States that follow the National Interstate Council programs now have mandated for Beauty Industry Practical Exams : EPA registered, disinfectant WIPES that demonstrate bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal properties must be used.

AACS (American Association of Cosmetology Schools)
Background & History Founded in 1924, we are a national, non-profit association open to all privately owned schools of cosmetology arts & sciences. Our membership in comprised of cosmetology, skin, nail, barbering and massage schools.

AACS specializes in updating members with information about new teaching methods, current industry events and Washington, DC updates. We do this through a series of seminars, conferences and conventions held throughout the year. Most of all, AACS members act as a family, often helping each other with addressing problems facing beauty education. This “networking” is often listed as the most important benefit to membership.

For those schools that participate in Title IV funding, AACS lobbies Congress and the Department of Education aggressively to protect the interests of private career schools. AACS is your representative in Washington, DC.

Core values we believe in Integrity Being passionate and determined Humanitarian Outreach Embracing Diversity Members First through Empowerment Preserving educational choice Fostering a sense of community Creative learning Changing Lives
Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP)
Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) is the largest association in the nation for skin care professionals. ASCP is dedicated to helping estheticians succeed by providing the tools and resources they need to reach their career goals. Members receive business marketing tools, liability insurance, education and exclusive member discounts, subscription to Modern Salon magazine, all included at an affordable membership fee. ASCP is the esthetician’s partner in success and looks forward to helping future professionals like you today! Phone: 800-789-0411
Associated Hair Professionals (AHP)
You NEED this! Associated Hair Professionals (AHP) is the only association of its kind for beauty professionals. AHP is dedicated to helping hair stylists and barbers succeed by providing the tools and resources they need to reach their career goals. Members receive business marketing tools, liability insurance, education and exclusive member discounts, subscription to Modern Salon Magazine, all included at an affordable membership fee. AHP is your partner in success and we look forward to helping future professionals like you today! Phone: 800-575-4642
Associated Nail Professionals (ANP)
You NEED this! Associated Nail Professionals (ANP) is the only association of its kind geared specifically for nail professionals. ANP is dedicated to helping nail artists succeed by providing the necessary business tools and resources they need to reach career goals. Members receive business marketing tools, liability insurance, a free website, a subscription to Nails or Viet Salon magazine, education and exclusive member discounts, all included at an affordable membership fee. ANP is your partner in success and we look forward to helping professionals like you! Phone:888-716-2727
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